About Me

My passion is CREATING. Ever since I was little I have always loved art, daydreaming & living life to the fullest. In highschool I first realized I had a gift as an artist when I would look at my projects compared to the other students work, not only did my stuff look good but I absolutely loved doing it.. It made me happy! I am so fortunate to be able to live my life loving what I do.

I went to college for Graphic Design. As soon as I graduated I moved to California where I worked at a couple of different sign shops as well as a Graphic Design & Advertising firm. I absorbed everything I learned and came upon a very rare opportunity painting murals for a Kids Furniture store where I obtained a lot of referral work forcing me into starting my own business at a very young age. I opened up "The Sign Company" where I kept busy making signs & vehicle graphics for business' as well as painting murals & painting school mascots on the buildings & in gyms. After a couple of years I sold that business to move to Utah to be closer to family. I started a sign shop here called The Sign Hub - We were very successful, but I became pregnant with my now baby boy, Cruz, so I sold the business to be a stay at home mom

I have decided to get back into my passion of creating and putting my talents to good use so here I am starting a new adventure, Sweet Wall Design. I hope that you will find some happiness in that which makes me happy :) My goal is for each and every wall which I have a part in to be inspiring and enjoyable to look at. I want it to be.... "SWEET!"